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Instructors: Mike Cassell, Octavio Pineda & Lenny Rocco

Boxing is a combat sport in which a fighter uses his fists to throw strikes in an attempt to knock out his opponent. Boxing can be traced back as early as 675 BC in Greece, and was acknowledged as an Olympic sport in 688 BC. With our boxing class students are given the opportunity to grow as a stand-up fighter utilizing proper footwork and striking technique. In addition, students will learn how to throw a correct punch, and punching combinations that they can utilize in both competition and self-defense.

So here is the run-down! Each class will begin with a warm-up and stretch routine to loosen up the muscles to prevent injury. This will then be followed by footwork drills, punching combinations drills, and a wide variety of boxing specific conditioning and calisthenics drills. Participants within this class will greatly improve their conditioning, fitness and self-defense.


Instructor Mike Cassell

Mike Cassell:

Mike Cassell has over 30 years of boxing experience with over 25 fights throughout Virginia and Pennsylvania. He has had the opportunity to work with some of the best fighters and trainers in the world. Since coming to Rocco MMA, Boxing & Fitness Center he has trained many successful fighters, such as the IBO Cruiserweight Champion, Tony "Boom Boom" Ferrante.

Instructor Octavio Pineda

Octavio Pineda:

Octavio is currently an active USA boxer competing with great success. He is a licensed professional\certified USA amateur boxing trainer and certified personal fitness trainer. He has had the opportunity to train alongside world champions such as Miguel Cotto, Guillermo Rigondeaux, Joel Casamayor and many more. He was mentored under Pedro Diaz (Cuban Olympic Gold Medal Trainer, World Champion Trainer) and Coach James Ricky Coward (Champion Trainer, Mittologist).

Instructor Lenny Rocco

Lenny Rocco:

Lenny has been involved in the sport of boxing for over 50 years. He started as a fighter at Joe Frazier's gym and has been training fighters for years. For the past 6 years he has trained many of the police officers for the police versus fire boxing show which is held annually to benefit the fallen officers fund. He also works with our fighters' one on one, focusing on footwork and technique.